Faculty of Engineering


Department of Economics

The Department of Economics seeks to prepare specialized graduates in the field of economic sciences with scientific and practical skills to meet the requirements of the labor market, and to strive towards achieving leadership among the corresponding faculties locally and regionally, to build a sustainable scientific entity.

Business Administration Department

The department aspires to qualify the student to assume managerial jobs in public and private business sectors and international companies. In addition, the faculty qualifies researchers in the various fields of management, and provides students with knowledge and expertise to be well qualified to assume high-level jobs.

Political Science Department

The department aims at forming a political mindset for the graduate, to understand and analyze any political event, whether internal or external, according to political scientific rules and according to the amount of information available to him. The department also aims to train a graduate who can use the information systematically effectively to deduct future expectations.

Accounting & Auditing Department

It is one of the specialized scientific departments at the faculty that works in line to the mission of the university and the faculty in education, research, and community service. This is pusued by being one of the distinguished departments scientifically and professionally among the corresponding departments in educational institutions. The graduates of the department contribute to the development of administrative skills and the possibility of decision-making in different administrative disciplines in a modern scientific way.

Statistics, Mathematics & Insurance Department

The Department aspires to obtain a leading position in the field of statistics locally, regionally and internationally through the distinguished, effective and long-term educational opportunities it provides at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels to achieve knowledge and skill for success in data analysis and decision-making.

Business Studies Department

The department aspires to achieve leadership and excellence in performance by committing to the values of quality in the field of education and training, and keeping pace with the successive developments in curricula to contribute to the graduation of students that comply with the requirements of the labor market.